Black & White Wedding Cake

Black & White Wedding Cake

This cake was a simple yet effective modern wedding cake design where flowers were added to the top of the cake to give it a really contemporary look. Looked stunning in a wedding venue that has Sydney Harbour views.

Tiered Bow Cake here

Beautiful Pastel lemon Engagement Cake

Another version of our Wedgewood Roses cake. This time it was for an engagement but really it would suit any formal event be it a wedding, anniversary or birthday. Such a versatile cake.

Wedgewood Roses Cake


Gaga Telephone Video Cake

Gaga comes back to Gaycakes with this cake inspired by the opening scene of the Telephone Video. Check out the video, it's great....and you can also see where the cake comes from if you don't already recognise it !

Cake toppers - shipped Australia Wide

Need a Gay or straight cake topper ? We can now ship Australia Wide.

UPDATED 30 July 2010 - Now ship worldwide

Drop us a line.

Hot pink !

Looking for a bright birthday cake ?

This one for an 18th birthday might be what you are after. Covered in stilettos, this cake reminded us of Sex and the City....lots of shoes on it. Great workout to get the icing that bright a colour too. Who said that cake decorating doesn't build up your muscles !!!!!

Mardi Gras Dinner at the Zoo - March 2010....more press

Gaycakes has featured in a number of places this week as the pictures from the Mardi Gras Dinner at the Zoo event hits the press. It is very exciting to see one of your creations appear in the papers that you read every week.

I spent the evening with the lovely Pam from
ZenDiva Natural Soy & Palm Wax Candles. She made the most amazing themed candles as Bombonniere for the event. A beautiful black & white theme with kissing zebras. Whilst our cake "grabs the headlines" it is little touches like Pam's candles that added some real glamour to the tables...and unlike the cake which is long gone....I am still burning my candle and remembering the night each time I light it !

I am mentioning Pam as she put a great deal of effort into the event and showed herself to be a real supporter of the marriage equality cause (and pics of candles find it hard to compete with pictures of half naked bods at the Mardi Gras Party ; )

Here are some press snippets:

1) SX website (front page)

2) SX issue 478 - news section

3) SX issue 478 Scene pictures

4) SSO issue 1012

Mardi Gras Dinner at the Zoo...more

With its Gay Wedding theme the Mardi Gras Dinner at the Zoo fundraising event for marriage equality was great fun last night. Gaycakes was the proud sponsor of the cake and we had a lot of fun (and sweat) making it and it certainly seemed to please everyone who attended. Set around the same-sex wedding of two Rhinos everyone seemed to have a different favourite animal on the cake. Mine was the Lion !!!

Taronga Zoo with its city views of Sydney was such a fantastic venue. I certainly envy anyone who has an event at such a beautiful spot.

Here are a few snaps that I took...professional shots should follow shortly.

Mardi Gras Dinner at the Zoo Cake

Mardi Gras Dinner at the Zoo Cake

Celebrating a gay marriage tonight at the Mardi Gras Dinner at the Zoo event and Gaycakes has been asked to provide the cake. Here is a sneak preview.....full event details and full pics of cake to come tomorrow.....there are a few animal guests at the event !

Lady Gaga comes to Gaycakes

Lady Gaga fans will hopefully spot some of this fantastic lady's incarnations. She seems to be beating even Madonna in having a new look, virtually daily !!!

Australian Pride

Cake in a bird cage 2

Mardi Gras Fair Day prep continues, and today our second pair of love birds have been put in their cage !

Boys can be in love too !

Cake 2 of our Mardi Gras Fair Day prep

Cake in a birdcage

Unusual serving suggestion ???

Well we got there....after quite a few moments of head scratching - the cake is in the birdcage. This one isn't going to be served so we kept the cage fully intact. A real cake in this situation would have meant us taking the bottom off the cage.

Can you work out how we did it ?

Fair Day prep 1

Fair Day 2010 prep is underway !!!

The designs have been finished, most of the staging bought and now the really hard work starts. This cake is designed to show the more relaxed love of a couple on their wedding day. Now for the hard put it in a bird cage. Pics to follow if we manage it !

Win a $500 Gaycakes voucher

Win $500 Gaycakes voucher
To celebrate Gaycakes' involvement in it's first Mardi Gras festival, we are pleased to offer free entry to ALL to win a $500 voucher to spend on (subject to the conditions below).

Over Mardi Gras see Gaycakes:

in LOTL 20th anniversary edition

at Fair Day - Victoria Park, Sydney 21st February 2010, and as

a key sponsor at "Dinner at the Zoo", Toronga Zoo 3rd March 2010

Enter Here

Mardi Gras - Dinner at the Zoo

Mardi Gras Dinner at the Zoo - 3 March 2010

Gaycakes is very excited to be involved in this great event to raise funds for the fight for gay marriage equality. Watch this space for details of our contribution.

"New Mardi Gras and Australian Marriage Equality (AME) are excited to announce that the Dinner at The Zoo will include a speech from Prof Kerryn Phelps on Same-Sex Marriage, and entertainment will be provided by two amazing entertainers from New York, the fabulous Drag Queen Shequida (Finalist from America's got talent) and DJ Corey Craig"

NMG site for more details on how you can purchase your tickets.

Black & White still a popular cake trend for 2010 here in Sydney

Black and White cakes have remained popular if the start to 2010 is anything to go by. Any why not, they are classic in looks. This is an engagement cake but it could just as easily suit a wedding cake or tie in with a minimalist wedding theme. Just think back to all those fantastic Art Deco images and that scene in My Fair Lady where they are all dressed in black & white. Just beautiful design classics !


Unusually themed cupcakes aren't seen a great deal on our travels but every now and then someone brings you an idea that is so much fun that you can't wait to make it.

These cupcakes were for three friends who have "nickname" roles for each other. One is the sperm, one is the egg and one is the oven. We loved making these and from the pics and email that we received after the event, the recipients had a great deal of fun too.

Cupcakes have arrived !

The growing trend of Cupcakes has arrived at Gaycakes at last. After developing our range of delicious flavours we are now ready to unleash them on the world. At the moment our orders have a minimum of 36, they are aimed at the alternative to a large cake rather than as a little snack, but as demand grows we hope to review this.

Leather boy official favourite of 2009 !

The Sydney leather scene may be declining with venues closing.....but it seems that in cake form it is as popular as ever. Leather Boy is officially the most purchased and viewed cake on the GayCakes website in 2009 !

Do you need to be gay to buy a cake from GayCakes ?

Do you need to be Gay to buy a cake from Gaycakes ?

This is one of the latest discussions on twitter about us. Very tongue in cheek posting but for the avoidance of doubt the answer is NO NO NO !!!!

We love being part of the gay community here in Sydney but we are not here to exclude anyone. We hope that we bring something very different to the cake making community and we try for ideas that are a bit removed from the conventional. Having said that we just love some of the beautiful traditional cakes out there.

So guys...if you like what you see drop us a line. We love everyone !

Adopted on Twitter

Gaycakes has arrived on Twitter and we are very excited to have been 'adopted' by a group of people in Singapore. Thanks for all you comments guys. Hopefully you will see this post an realise that we appreciate your comments from afar !

Summer has arrived at last in Sydney

Summer in Sydney and a birthday cake to help a beach fan to celebrate his birthday. Lots of fun this one and little touches making it personal to the person whose birthday it was (like their favourite towel). Taking the time to get the detail right always makes a real difference.


An Irish themed cake for a couple, both 28 although one into fashion and the other into sport was today's order. I loved the cake just as an Irish flag...looked really realistic. It went down really well and their friend who put on their do said that it was the highlight of the BBQ. It's great when people get the credit for doing something nice for their friends but it is also great when they pass the comments back to us. Thanks Ed !

Can I have super powers please ?

Gay cakes sponsored the best dressed couple prize at the 2009 Dykes on Bikes Black & White Ball

The winner decided to buy her Grandson his 4th Birthday cake...with a Batman theme.

Dad picked up the cake saying "I am not sure what I am going to give him for his birthday, he has asked for Super Powers ! ".

Somehow I am not sure that the cake, as nice as it is, will be a great substitute for the ability to fly !

Twins 40th

Inspiration for a cake design can come from anywhere.

This cake, to celebrate the 40th Birthday of twins, was based on a card that was sent by one to the other. The card just had a yellow monkey staring out at you and for some reason made them both laugh ! Having a pair of little monkeys on the card certainly took them back to when they were little tear-aways ! Putting their arms around each other was done to symbolise how close they still are.

The cake was cut at Uluru at dawn on their birthday with a glass of champagne.

Paper anniversary

Celebrating a first year anniversary for a gay couple was the brief on this cake. It was bought by the friend of a couple who had got married in France last year and were unable to include most of their friends in the celebration, so decided to hold an event to mark their first anniversary. Year one is a paper anniversary and so we were asked if we could have the couple standing up in the middle of a piece of paper....which in the end was pretty hard to convey. it looked like material !

So we came up with the idea of having them ride an origami swan. Origami swans are pretty recognisable as being made of paper and making the icing look like paper was a bit of a challenge (all that you can see is made of sugar) but the hardest thing about making the cake was not seeing the reaction of the people the cake was for.

A Puppy celebration

Our dog is our family

Dogs are family for many many people ! And a new puppy is very hard to resist. This cake I think successfully captures the cheekiness of a little puppy and was an instant hit with my niece and nephew in the UK who wanted one posted to them. I am not sure he would look quite so content after 24 hours on a plane though !

Two mummies !

Some children are lucky enough to have two mums or two dads and with any family there is great excitement around the new arrival. Not everyone wants to hold a christening but some sort of celebration is usually held to welcome the new baby into the family.

What more could you want, a new baby, a welcoming family, and a great piece of chocolate cake to make the day complete !

What do you call a Gay Wedding ?

Gay Wedding, Commitment Ceremony, Civil Union...what do you call it ?

I guess until they formalise the whole situation around gay unions all of the above will apply. The great thing is that when two people decide to commit to each other all that is forgotten and a lovely day is usually had by all. Creating a cake that often becomes the focal point at such an occasion is such a great thing to do and the reaction you get gives you such job satisfaction.

This cake was created to symbolise the gentleness between a couple when they are in love. I love the holding hands !

Magnolia Wedding/Commitment cake

Popular wedding cake design and a very flexible cake design. This was designed to be a cake that fitted in with the overall colour scheme of the day.